Attraction: Sexy Tales of Good, Bad, and Ugly Relationships


 Author Rosa L. Griffin


My first product is a book entitled Attraction: Sexy Tales of Good, Bad, and Ugly Relationships.  It is a collection of 8 adult short fiction stories dealing with passionate, but not always healthy relationships.  My book includes sexuality, romance, horror, science fiction, humor, local Baltimore culture, and just a pinch of violence. 

The mean, arrogant, and handsome Stephen brings his vampire ways to Baltimore Town and kidnaps Sally, a young school teacher, at the start of the American Civil War in “Death Sleep”.

Louis, a married man who falls in love for the first time late in life, has his wife’s approval to pursue a younger woman in “Free Ride”. 

An 1800’s young bi-racial woman, Esther, has sex with various men in an effort to provide for her retirement from teaching in “One Drop”.

An older female student falls prey to a vampire attack one night after her college course in “Terra”.

Aisha indulges in futuristic safe-sex in which she nearly loses her life in “Life-Box”.

An anonymous mature woman tells her humorous story of being pursued by a werewolf in “Urban Predator”.

Mack, a lonely wealthy young man is so frustrated with debutantes that he goes about intimacy in an unacceptable way in “The Tradition”.

Andre is a vampire who develops a plan to make blood donations practical for his kind in “Blood Club”.