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In these trying times, you need a little sexual fantasy, don’t you? But, you want a little intelligence, a little innovation along with that—not just juices dripping every which way. No need to feel guilty about a little sexual fantasy. You could be doing a lot worse things. And, fantasy, if played right, can relax you and take you away better than a Calgon bath. 

You think that the fact that you like fuzzy socks or Barry Manilow is a “guilty pleasure”? ( life) I disagree. If you must be guilty, why not be guilty for something taboo or forbidden—like having sex with inhumans such as vampires or werewolves? Or, strange humans as in Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” (I want your disease) or regular humans like adulterers? 

These are things best imagined in fantasy, but not necessarily followed through. In the movie version of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, there is no limit to the victims, down to enfants. I draw the line at the helpless, powerless, and the under-age. And, you will find in some of my stories that the tale may turn in favor of the powerless.


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